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IT Risk Management

Uncertainty can be managed

Elfsec helps you manage information security risks, allowing your organization to achieve its mission and strategic goals. Organizations spend significant portions of their operating budgets on information security compliance exercises that often do not improve their services, ease operations, or improve their security posture. These activities consume resources that are sorely needed to manage actual risks and enable better services, which could translate into cost savings, increased productivity, and safer operations. Elfsec can help you incorporate information security to enterprise-level risk management decision making and implement a risk management framework that addresses your organization's specific risk profile.  

Experience and technical knowledge

Elfsec is a trusted advisor with deep technical roots and the ability to engage stakeholders by speaking their language.

Stakeholder engagement is the key ingredient for project success. Project success starts with the support and resources of top management even as the specifics are delegated. Development and implementation teams need to see the value in the project. Users need to understand how any changes affect them and how new projects will benefit them. We reach out by first understanding the needs and language of the various stakeholder groups. This helps us identify requirements and craft communications that convey information that is relevant and meaningful to each group. 

Innovation and Clarity

Based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, we are attuned to the latest industry developments, cyber threats, and mitigation strategies. Elfsec resources train frequently to maintain competencies and professional certifications. We also track technical trends and approaches that can be tailored to your specific needs. Because we understand technology, we will demystify technical jargon for you and support your strategic goals.  

Elfsec resources bring significant experience with all branches of the U.S. Federal Government, including defense, intelligence, and law enforcement agencies. We are uniquely positioned to assist Federal and Non-Federal entities subject to Federal cyber security requirements. 

Please contact us to discuss your needs on Info@Elfsec.com or 202-812-8352

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